Become Your Own Bank In Just 8 Weeks & Own Your Own Lifestyle With The Money School

Join Carmen and Darius inside The Money School to learn their proven Lifestyle Banking system and become your own bank…

… so you can not only erase debt faster than you thought possible but make, keep, and multiply your money completely independently too – while keeping the profits in your own pocket!

Meet Your Financial and Lifestyle Freedom Coaches

Darius & Carmen

Imagine cutting up every credit card you own because everything you want and need is funded with the balance of your own, independent bank account…

… feeling financially free, at ease, and in control no matter what’s going on in the world.

That’s what we’ve been able to do thanks to Lifestyle Banking…

… in just 4 years. We went from suddenly laid off from corporate gigs, $120k in the red with consumer debt and having no idea where our money was going or how to finally get ahead…

… to calm, cool, and completely in control of our finances AND lifestyle with a system that’s built us real wealth and lifestyle freedom for the first time in our lives.

It took us hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless, grueling hours to figure this all out.

We tried every kind of investing, starting our own businesses, real estate, you name it…

… before we finally discovered the hidden method truly wealthy people use to build, maintain, and multiply their money faster than we ever thought possible, and across generations too.

Once we stumbled onto that secret, we were able to not just significantly increase our income…

… but do it in a way that let us own our own lifestyles – instead of borrowing them from our employers or the bank – so that everything we worked so hard for could never be taken away in an instant again.

Then we spent another 4 years doing the same for clients all over the world too.

Which is why today we know EXACTLY what it takes to create and launch a completely independent financial system that will create REAL freedom, security, and wealth…
(No matter what’s going on in the world or the economy.)
… in as little as 60 days.
And now we want to personally walk you through the process, so you can experience the same sense of financial ease, stability, and confidence too.
Fact 1

Generated over $75 Million in wealth for our clients – without traditional, risky, and slow investments

Fact 2

Consulted over 300 financial advisors to build value and independent wealth for their clients

Fact 3

Created a successful mastermind for likeminded financial enthusiasts to share the secrets we discovered

Who Wants To Wait 40+Years For Freedom, Peace of Mind, and Security?!

We definitely didn’t!

And we don’t think you should have to either. But every type of investment sold and advised to everyday people like us is slow, risky, and ultimately – inefficient. That, or downright inaccessible and way too expensive to get started with!
When people come to us looking for money advice, they usually have one of these specific problems:

Problem #1: No savings to invest in the right opportunities when they come along...
Problem #2: Slow and risky traditional investments that could get wiped out at any time...
Problem #3: No capital to start or invest in a business even if they wanted to...
Problem #4: Too much debt holding them back from even thinking about investing...
Problem #5: Financial gurus shaming or blaming their small expenses and demanding ultimate frugality for future success - which just isn’t sustainable...

But Inside The Money School You Can Solve ALL Of Those Problems With One, Proven Financial System…

Lifestyle Banking

Because With This System You’ll Be Able To:

  • Create a “savings account on steroids” that pays you GUARANTEED returns year over year at rates as high as 4%…
  • Continue collecting compound interest on this special type of “savings” account even if you use the money inside it…
  • Reinvest your savings to pay off debt WAY faster, start your own business, or utilize more traditional investment methods with “house money”…
  • Loan out money to family and friends at a profit so you can make money like the banks do…
  • Provide financial security for yourself and your family that isn’t subject to crazy global market swings…
  • Create wealth and financial cushion for future generations while protecting your family in the event something happens to you…
  • Earn interest for your own bank on your everyday purchases to keep more of your money in your own pocket…
  • Not have to worry about the bank or financial advisors walking away with huge cuts of your hard earned money…
  • Get started with as little as $10k – which is the same amount we used to pay off $120k in debt, start our own business, and become financially free in 4 years…

And SO, so much more…

Here’s How We’ll Do It And What You’ll Learn Inside The Money School:

  • Carmen and Darius… As the founders of The Wealth Nation and driving force behind $75 million of wealth created for our clients in the last 4 years, we’ll show you exactly how to create your own independent “savings account on steroids” using our proven system
  • Over the shoulder walkthroughs… We’ll walk you through the steps as we create and build a Lifestyle Banking system from scratch, so you can see exactly how it’s done before starting your own
  • 25 Video “Crash Course”… that will get you up to speed and be a source of confidence and reassurance as you build your own Lifestyle Banking system
  • Plus the 60 Day Money Blueprint Coaching Program… hosted on Zoom, where you’ll get…
  • Bi-Weekly LIVE Wealth Discovery and Blueprint Sessions… to help you implement everything you’re learning, as you learn it, confidently and quickly with our direct guidance and feedback
  • Worksheets and Templates… every step of the way so the process is as quick and painless as possible, using the same resources we’ve used to help our clients get $75 million wealthier over the past 4 years
  • Recorded Q&A Sessions… that you can continue referring back to time and time again, so you’ll never feel stuck or confused
  • PLUS our private, online community… where you can ask any and all questions you have, and get the help and support you need to succeed
  • And access to our personal CPA and lawyer… for complete and total confidence every step of the way on your Lifestyle Banking journey!

What are our clients saying

With my policy, I was able to do EXACTLY what thin e banks do. I paid off my car and the $400 I was paying every month on my car now goes to MY Bank. I have more flexibility and profitability.

Carmen and Darius have taught me that every dollar counts. More importantly, banks do not have to control you!”

Mike Smith - AZ

The BEST thing I did for my family was create a FAMILY bank. I’ve paid off all my 3rd party debt and I’ve taken over all my bills which has allowed me to KEEP my income and put it into MY FAMILY bank.

Carmen and Darius taught me how to monetize my passions. I’ve created several passive income strategies by using the funds from my family bank to finance the start up costs. I am now selling fresh vegetables and eggs from my family garden and I’ve taken over the monthly expenses for a rental.

I am constantly reading, studying, listening to podcasts and watching videos to apply new strategies learned to fully implement Banking and build wealth. LOVE Wealth Nation!”

Marie, AL

Carmen & Darius have made a tremendous impact on helping me to get started with infinite banking and implement it effectively.

I have now started a family bank where family and close friends are borrowing funds frequently. I strongly recommend listening to them, they are great genuine people who you want in your circle. Thank you Carmen and Darius for EVERYTHING!”

Daniel - AZ

Finally Achieve A Feeling of Financial Ease, Peace, and Confidence Each Day

(Yes, it’s really possible!)

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Yearly Membership $997
  • One year of Lifestyle Banking coaching from Carmen and Darius + membership in our private community to ensure you build a strong foundation and the momentum you need to break free financially
  • The 60 Day Money Blueprint Program
  • Video Walkthroughs, over-the-shoulder breakdowns, worksheets and templates
  • Access to any future courses we release during your membership
Lifetime Access Membership $2997
  • LIFETIME access to Lifestyle Banking coaching from Carmen and Darius + membership in our private community for complete confidence and peace of mind
  • The 60 Day Money Blueprint Program
  • Video Walkthroughs, over-the-shoulder breakdowns, worksheets and templates
  • Access to ALL future Wealth Nation courses and resources (value of at least $497 each)- including in-depth breakdowns of how to best use your Lifestyle Banking system to invest in real estate, stocks, and more so you can multiply your money even faster

We Stand By An Iron-Clad 100% Money-Back Guarantee For Your Ultimate Peace of Mind.

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  • Do you offer a free trial? No
  • Can I cancel my account any time? Yes, however if you are outside of the 30 day money back guarantee there will be no refunds available.
  • Can I get a refund if I decide I don't want The Money School? Yes, we have a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Do I need to own a policy to be a part of the membership? No
  • What is the coaching format? Bi-Monthly Group Zoom Calls
  • Can I interact with Darius and Carmen? Yes, for the monthly calls you will need to submit your answers prior to the call. They will answer your questions directly on the coaching call. Darius and Carmen will also be interacting via chat messenger inside the membership.
  • How will The Money School help me get the most out of my policy? We strongly believe that surrounding yourself with other policyholders will help minimize the knowledge gap of banking. Additionally, being immersed in a community of action takers you will be able to learn and grow in ways you wouldn’t have been able to independently.