How to Make Money Without a Job – 30+ Ways

Have you ever considered a less traditional way to make some cash? You could be making extra money in your free time. Check out these creative ideas for bringing home the bacon!

What if you don’t have a 9-5 job? There are ways to make money without one, even if your age or education means it’s hard for you to find traditional work.

Side gig opportunities and freelance projects can be great ways to earn extra cash on the weekends – or whenever life gives us unexpected downtime! And what about students who might not need income as much as others in their family since they’re living at home while completing school; we’ve got them covered as well.

Because everyone should know how to make money without a job, today we are talking about:

  •  Different ways how to make money without a job;
  •  How investing can increase your monthly income;
  •  Various investment approaches;
  •  What is the Infinite Banking Concept?

Different Ways to Make Money Without a Job

We want to give you the most comprehensive list of possibilities on how to make money without a job, so we’ll first start with things you can do without leaving your room.

Online World

There has been an expansion in making money online in the last few years, whether online businesses or odd jobs.

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Freelancing is an attractive way to make money on the side while you work towards your passion. If writing, graphic design, or coding are skills that interest you, it’s worth checking out freelancers sites like Fiverr and Upwork, where companies hire people for specific amounts of time at hourly rates starting around $21 per hour.

You can also create personal websites with information about what kind of services they offer and social media platforms such as Facebook & LinkedIn, where potential clients may see them first. You may be surprised to learn that freelancer salaries can vary and fluctuate depending on industry, clientele, or schedule.

You’ll want your rates in line with what you’re worth, so before starting work for any new clients, take the time necessary. Many people began freelancing as a hobby or side job, but it becomes a steady income after some time.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are in high demand. Many entrepreneurs, companies, and online business owners want to hire a virtual assistant to answer emails or book travel arrangements data entry work on social media platforms.

As a virtual assistant, you can choose your rate. This typically falls between $30 and $50+ per hour, depending on experience level.

Kayla Sloan started working as an independent contractor 7 years ago. She first became interested in entrepreneurship after watching Dr. Phil’s interview of someone who made over 100k annually via YouTube without being monetized. Now she can consistently make over $10k a month from the virtual assistant business!

Savings Account

You can open a high-yield savings account and earn cash if you already have some savings. Find the type of account with the most significant return to have your money fast.

Sell Stuff

Everyone certainly has a lot of things that are just collecting dust at home. Selling them online is an excellent opportunity to earn money without a traditional job.

People are always looking for clothes and books, and if they are vintage, you will receive messages right after posting online. On apps like BookScouter and, you can sell your old books without leaving a house.

Even if you don’t already have a pile of clothes or books for selling but enjoy them, you can start searching for them in local thrift stores, flea markets, or others and then sell them in the online marketplace, earning a pretty steady profit income.

If you have hobbies directed at art, it is also a way to make extra money. Things like photography, hand-made jewelry, or graphic designs for T-shirts are trendy in the market.

Sites like Craigslist, Etsy, and the Facebook marketplace make it convenient to make more money. After some experience in selling, you can take it to another level and launch your own website for selling stuff.

Personal Shopping

Are you enjoying shopping malls and clothes and looking for good deals? Even that can help you make money without a job! It just requires a little creativity and patience initially, but many people are looking for someone to do clothing or grocery shopping.

You can make your page and allow people to require what they want for you to buy them. Or you can even go shopping on sales and resell it on the online marketplace or online auction.


Starting a blog can open countless possibilities for making money. Choose the topic you already have a lot of knowledge about or the topic you’re interested in and want to learn more about because it will be more accessible and more stimulating for you.

After creating quality content, you can make money thanks to advertising, affiliate marketing, courses, e-books, and others on your own blog. If you’re unsure about your writing skills, check for the free course for some tips and tricks, but also information about SEO, marketing, Google AdSense, and much more that comes with blogging.

Freelance writing is a fantastic choice for creative people with the hatred of a strict work schedule or being continually in the same place. After three years of freelance writing, many people have between $50 and $70 per hour.

Creating Content Online – TikTok, Podcast, YouTube

The most significant advantage of creating content for online services is that you can use your talents or things you are passionate about and make money from that. You can become a content creator if you’ve always enjoyed talking, singing, or even doing makeup or gaming!

It is hard initially, but you can make money as much as you would with a full-time job after some time. 

And don’t worry about professional equipment in the beginning. A mobile phone and a laptop will be perfectly fine to set you up on the track.

You can even make content journalling your losing weight process or getting in better shape. Speaking of healthy habits, if you want more motivation to lose a few pounds, the Healthy Wage company has programs to lose weight and earn a cash prize if you meet your goals.

Affiliate Marketing

It is a side job that pays cash but doesn’t feel like an obligation. Affiliate marketing involves advertising in exchange for a commission on sales.

It is significantly expanded, but you have to have a blog, website, or YouTube account (or similar) to promote an advertiser’s product. Our advice is to find an online course if you want to improve your marketing skills.

Beta Testers

Websites and services such as Keywords Studios Global Beta Test Network offer a position to try beta versions of video games and earn money. It is on you to make a free account.

Class-Action Suits

A lot of people aren’t aware of the money they are eligible for because of class-action settlements. Did you know that anyone who bought Redbull products between 2002 and 2014 was entitled to $10 to $15?

Some of the best class-action claim sites are

Odd Tasks

On apps like TaskRabbit and Zaarly, you can make some extra cash by doing tasks for other people. They are usually simple chores but require more time – standing in line, for example.

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An excellent opportunity for students is to tutor others to have more money in their pocket. But it is not only for students.

Anyone with knowledge of a specific subject or bilingual people can become a tutor, working from home or in person. It is excellent for people who want to make money and have their own schedule.


Maybe the easiest but certainly not the most effective way to make money is to win cash rewards. Some websites (Contestgirl) make contests sweepstakes.

The winner can rarely set up for life after winnings. An enormous drawback is, even if you win the prize, you will have to pay giant taxes, and after that, free money isn’t that great.

Market Research

The fact that you can make money just by giving an opinion on everyday items, brands, and services might sound unrealistic, but it is real if you become a participant in paid marketing research. Market research incorporates online surveys, participating in focus groups, or medical research.

Medical research commonly requires giving an opinion on medicine or medical treatment or testing medicine and treatments from basic research to clinical trials and studies. Of course, first, you have to research and understand what it means for your health and not choose risky research.

Online Reviews

Many websites pay to write online reviews. Depending on the site, reviews refer to many different things – products, services, restaurants, books, movies, etc. This is an option for all filmophiles to do their hobby and make money online.

Mock Trials

Believe it or not, you don’t need to have a low degree to participate in these types of trials and make money in the legal sector. eJury and Online Verdict are some of the websites that pay users to cooperate in mock trials for their clients, usually lawyers. eJury is paying between $5 and $10 depending on the case.

Audio and Video Transcriptions

If you have a good eye for details, consider earning money by transcription audio and video recordings into a written text document. You usually need to pass the test for typing speed. As reported by, the average payment for transcription is about $17 per hour.


Speaking more than one language is pure gold and a way to make money without a job. Depending on your level of fluency, you can work with translating documents and audio, video, and other media. TRADUguide is one of the sites where you can find freelance translating jobs and start to make money today.

Online Survey Sites

Survey Junkie is one of the few sites where you can make money by taking surveys. You can earn free gift cards or even a few hundred dollars a month, depending on the site.

Offline World

If you’re done being stuck at home during a pandemic and want to go out and meet people in person but also earn money without a job, here are some ideas for you.

Pet Sitting

You can make money while being outside surrounded by our four-legged friends is like a dream come true for many of us. Many busy people are happy to pay for pet sit when working or not in town, and they are usually hiring a dog walker.

If you’re inexperienced in this field, try with your neighbors’ pets first, and after gaining positive recommendations, apply for jobs that pay more. Check the pet-sitting services for more opportunities, such as Rover or Fetch. According to, the pet sitter usually has about $12 per hour.


You can earn money doing the same as you would in your house, without any income. People often look for someone to take care of their house while they are gone. It usually involves cleaning, watering plants, and dog walking.

Websites like and connect residents and housesitters from worldwide. Read the conditions before applying for websites because some require annual membership payments. But you can always start with your neighborhood and friends’ and families’ acquaintances.

Rideshare Driver

If you enjoy talking to people and driving, maybe becoming ridesharing would be an excellent opportunity to make extra cash. There are many rideshare companies that you can sign up for. Besides that, there are jobs like delivering food and driving an uber.


You can earn money without a job just with items you already possess by renting them. You can rent various things – your clothes, instruments, spare room, tech equipment, storage, houses, furniture, or others.

Mixing different items for renting can increase your income. Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist is a great place for that. If you have specific types of things, you want to rent, try KitSplit for renting camera gear, Vrbo if you’re going to rent a home, or Airbnb for the spare room.

There is a great demand for car renting. Rent out your auto with Turo and get help with monthly car payments. Make a dent in your month-to-month auto repayments by checklist your vehicle on Turo.

Hosts can cowl their repayments with the aid of sharing their auto for simply 9 days per month (on average). Turo is a car-sharing market that permits private car owners (like yourself) to hire their motors through an online or cellular interface. You just need to sign up for Turo, list your car, and determine your price. The average income is 65% to 85% of the trip price.

Start a Walking Tour

It is possible to turn your passion for history and your city/area into money without a job. You can start your own business or join an organization that facilitates these tours and teaches tourists or kids about your city.

Mystery Shopper

By signing up to visit and review local grocery stores and other retailers, you can have free dinner and good money as well. Fill out the application with The Source, and after they approve you, you can search for mystery shops.

Election Officer

Everyone (over 18years old) in the US can vote on election day, but did you know that you can become an election officer and earn over $100 for that day. It is usually one long shift, but the income from just one day is excellent.

Donate Blood Plasma

The best way to make money is while helping others. You can earn $50 every time you donate your blood plasma. The volume of permitted plasma is determined by weight and how much you will be paid depending on the plasmas volume. On websites like BloodBanker or CSL Plasma, you can find more pieces of information.


Oldie but goodie babysitting. We usually connect babysitting with the first job for teenagers, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Many parents pay others to take care of their kids.

More experienced people will probably have a better chance at first, but word of mouth will become easier if you start with someone you know. There are also sites you can look at, but keep in mind that some people require special education or CPR certification.

Wash Cars

Washing cars is a good side hustle that requires no particular skill. Of course, you can become faster and better after some practice, but there are no conditions. According to Consumer Reports, avoid household cleaners for better results.

Personal Chef

If you’re organized and love cooking, maybe you should try as a personal chef. Many people will pay someone to come into their kitchen and cook for them.

Lately is pretty famous for personal chefs to make meal prep for a few days. Even though it can start as a help for your friends or as a weekend job, it has the potential to be a steady income.


If mentioned ways to make money without a job aren’t your cup of tea, maybe investing will be the right fit for you. Our goal is to explain to people that investing isn’t something for people educated in finance or people who already own businesses. Investing can be everyones’ chance to make extra income or even have a full-time income.

You can choose various investment vehicles, but the goal is to grow your money. Usually, people put their money into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Another myth about investing is that you have to have a lot of money. That is not true! You can start even with $50. Private real estate investing is usually recommended for beginners because it doesn’t require a lot of capital.


Stocks, or equities, are a share of ownership in a single company. You can buy stocks for a share price. The share prices range from the single digits to a couple of thousands of dollars, depending on the company.


A bond is a loan to a company or government entity. You are borrowing the money, and they agree to pay you back in some time while you earn interest.

Bonds are less risky than stocks because they are more predictable. On the other hand, bonds are lower long-term income.

Mutual funds

Mutual funds are like a mixture of investments that allows investors to purchase diverse investments. Most 401(k)s offer a curated selection of mutual or index funds with no minimum investment. Outside of those plans, these funds may require a minimum of $1,000 or more.

Exchange-traded funds

As well as a mutual fund, an ETF has many individual investments bundled together. The difference between these two is that ETFs trade throughout the day, and you can buy them for a share price. ETFs are usually recommended for new investors and ones with small budgets because their share price is often lower than the minimum investment requirement of a mutual fund.

The Infinite Banking Concept

In this article, we covered lots of ways someone can make money without a job. Some of these ideas can provide you with a few extra bucks, while others give you money as a full-time job.

Whether you want to have a monthly income without a job or looking for ways to improve your financial situation, we want to introduce you to the Infinite Banking Concept. The Infinite Banking Concept is the number one way to achieve all of your financial goals.

With the Infinite Banking Concept, you will become your own bank by leveraging the value of a dividend-paying permanent life insurance policy. Nelson Nash developed this concept in the 1980s as an economist who experienced financial issues.

The basic idea is to assure you the freedom to access your policy’s cash value by borrowing from yourself and paying it back. You imitate the banks’ system, but there are no high fees and interest payments.

The concept base is a whole life insurance policy, a permanent life insurance policy. Permanent refers to lifetime lasting if the premiums are paid on time.

How to Set up Your Whole Life Insurance Policy

1. Start young

Because it is a life insurance product, premiums are lower when you’re younger. The earlier you get it, the better because your premiums are locked in for the life of the whole life policy.

2. Find a Reputable Insurer

Make a good research on companies before signing up because it is a lifelong process.

3. Choose a Non-Direct Recognition Policy

A non-direct recognition policy refunds you a dividend on the total cash value, whether you’ve borrowed against it or not.

4. Pick a Policy With A Cash Value Rider that Benefits Your Loved Ones

Adding a rider to your policy will ensure your family when you die. It is crucial because, in most policies, the life insurance company absorbs the cash value upon your death.

5. Add a Paid-Up Addition Rider

If you decide to add the paid-up-addition, you will significantly increase your cash value.

6. Start Borrowing

The policy’s cash value is used as collateral, and when you start borrowing, your loan will come from your policy’s cash value. This genius system doesn’t require an explanation of why you need the loan. The IRS doesn’t recognize loans as income. Thus it’s tax-free.

7. Pay Yourself Back

You are in control of setting a date for return, and there are no required monthly payments.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we aim to give you inspiration and motivation to earn money without 9-5 jobs. There are many ways to earn cash if you think outside the box.

You can make money without a job, but we don’t want you to settle down with less than deserving. Instead of living without a job with limited sources, think about setting the right environment for you to grow money. The money you earn without a job redirects to your Whole Life policy, and enjoy financial freedom!

If you are ready to learn more about the Infinite Banking Concept and how to earn extra money, pay off your credit card debt, make a retirement account, and most importantly – stop depending on the banks, watch our free masterclass.