10 Ways to Use Infinite Banking

Banks are primarily used for finance and as storage facilities. But why would you put your money in a bank account and gain 1% to 3% interest a year when you could put it in a whole life insurance policy and gain 8% to 10% compounded interest a month, which is also tax-free?

Moreover, why would you want to pay high interest rates, fees, penalties, and taxes that make banks richer but don’t do any good for you? 

It is time to flip the script and start making money with a more beneficial way of banking known as Infinite Banking.

The truth is, we don’t learn this process in school or from our parents. In fact, many people have never heard of Infinite Banking.

But we’re here to change that.

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    What Is Infinite Banking?

    Infinite Banking is a way to handle your money in which you create a personal bank that works just like a regular bank. 

    What does that mean?

    Well, we said that traditional banks are used for storage facilities and financing. Instead of a traditional bank account, we use a whole life insurance policy where we will earn much higher interest rates.

    And thanks to the cash value savings portion of your whole life insurance policy, you’re able to take policy loans that will not disrupt the growth of your money. As a result, you can finance anything you need and want, i.e., you will finance your own lifestyle.

    Simply put, you’re doing the banking, but instead of depending on the traditional bank, you have your own system and complete control.

    When you implement this process into your lifestyle and start achieving everything you wish for, then you become the owner of your own lifestyle, and that’s what we call—Lifestyle Ownership strategy.

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    Infinite Banking isn’t called that way without a reason—we have infinite ways of implementing this process into our lives in order to truly own our lifestyle.

    So, in today’s article, we’ll show you four different ways to use Infinite Banking in business. On top of that, we’ll discuss six ways you can use Infinite Banking personally.

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    Infinite Banking for Your Business

    We will show you how you can use the cash accumulated on your life insurance policy to finance things that you would normally finance anyway.

    1. Startup Costs

    When it comes to business, you can use Infinite Banking or the cash value from your whole life insurance policies for startup costs.

    You know that you need money to start a business. Instead of borrowing from someone else, just use your insurance policy. The money is right there, and you pay that money back to yourself.

    2. Business Equipment

    Use your cash value to finance tools and equipment for your business. It would be game-changing for your business if you could get any necessary equipment right away. 

    You can use money from your Infinite Banking policy for anything you might need—new laptops, cameras, office furniture, or anything else.

    But keep in mind that you need to pay yourself back.

    You actually don’t have to pay back the money you borrowed, but you might want to. If you didn’t have your own bank, you would borrow money from a bank through a credit card or a loan, and you would pay them interest. 

    Why not treat yourself the exact same way? The concept of Infinite Banking works only if you treat your personal bank the same way you would a regular bank.

    3. Taxes

    You can also use loans for one of the most important things, which is taxes. As a business owner, you pay a lot of money in taxes, whether quarterly or annually. Use the cash value from your insurance policies to pay off your taxes, and maybe pay yourself your taxes on a monthly basis. That way, you have the money to pay taxes the following year or the next quarter.

    If you want to learn more, check out our previous articles, where we cover what the tax benefits of a whole life insurance policy are and how you can pay taxes through your system.

    4. Business Lending

    Another way to use Infinite Banking is for business lending. You can easily lend money to your business for expenses. You can lend money to your business for payroll.

    There are several types of loans that you can make to your business. After that, you can pay that money back to yourself with personal interest. There is no reason not to do that because it’s stuff that you would be doing monthly anyway. Let Infinite Banking assist you with it.

    The best part about Infinite Banking is that, instead of going to the bank and paying principal plus interest, you’re now keeping all that money in your banking system and paying yourself back the principal plus interest.

    Infinite Banking for Your Personal Life

    If we can use our cash from the dividend-paying life insurance policy for our business, there is no reason why we can’t do that for our personal life, right? The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need to change your lifestyle to become wealthy, you just have to make small adjustments.

    1. Buy a Home

    You can buy a home using the cash value from your insurance policies, as long as you have enough money in the bank to finance the purchase.

    And we did that exactly. We used our dividend-paying life insurance policy to purchase a property in the Dominican Republic. That was our wish for so long, and it finally happened when we did this—a mindset shift. It’s not enough to only learn about money; we need to understand the psychology of money.

    Only with a mindset shift and control in our hands can we own our lifestyle. Buying a property in the Dominican Republic was proof that we took Lifestyle Ownership over our lifestyle. And you can see how we did that:

    We Use Whole Life Insurance To Purchase Investment Property In Dominican Republic | Wealth Nation

    If you want to see details in the numerical breakdowns, we reserve all of that information for our students inside the Money School. Join our community and learn everything that flows in and out of our banking systems.

    2. Buy a Car

    Buy a vehicle for yourself, your children, or your extended family.

    For instance, we purchased a car for about $42,000. You may be wondering how.

    Well, we used our whole life the same way we would if we were to finance it from a bank. We had a mid- to low-level credit score at the time, and the interest rate on that car would be around 8%.

    Because we could control that function thanks to our banking system, we could decide how much interest we wanted to pay back to ourselves. And we decided to pay ourselves back 10%. We assumed that subpar credit scores existed in our own banking system because if we look at the banks and say, “They are going to charge us 6%, 7%, or even 8% on card notes,” why don’t we charge ourselves the same?

    There is no reason why we wouldn’t want to do that. Because when you have your own banking system, the interest rates will just come back to us.

    Infinite Banking is copying the traditional banking process, but you’re capturing interest and growing money instead of the banks. 

    3. Medical Expenses

    How many of us are burdened with medical expenses that we sometimes can’t pay? We end up charging them on a credit card and making monthly payments back to that card with principal and interest.

    4. Home Improvements

    Instead of going to the bank and getting a loan for repairs or remodels, get it from your policy.

    5. Debt

    One of the best ways to use Infinite Banking is to pay down your debt. Pay yourself back that principal and interest that you’re paying back to the bank, which is huge.

    When we first started our banking system, it was because we wanted to erase our debt. Infinite Banking gives you control over your banking functions, and then you really start to look at the money differently.

    We’ve used Infinite Banking to pay off our $140k debt successfully and, at the same time, make 24%, 11%, and 26% by paying off three credit cards.

    Are you interested in doing the same?

    Keep reading this article and we will show you how.

    6. Education

    How many people are burdened with student loans? You can pay off your student debt and ensure your kids’ college tuition thanks to your whole life policy’s cash value.

    Proof Infinite Banking Works

    Everything we recommend here is because we know people are currently doing it themselves. And we never really recommend anything unless we’ve experimented with it first.

    Again, the great thing about Infinite Banking is that the insurance company doesn’t ask you, “What is this money for?” That allows you to use it for whatever you want.

    You can use your loans for a variety of different things, but in order for Infinite Banking to work, you need to be sure that you follow the three rules:

    1. Pay yourself first;
    2. Pay yourself interest;
    3. Recapture all the money so it comes back to you.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways to use Infinite Banking. That’s because this thing can grow and maximize however you spend money.

    After all, everyone’s lifestyle is completely different from the next person’s, so what may be convenient for us may not be convenient for you. But most importantly, you can use Infinite Banking to finance your own lifestyle. You can be your own banker with a lifestyle banking strategy.

    FAQ About Infinite Banking Use

    1. Can I use any other life policy to start Infinite Banking?

    Some experts work with other permanent life insurance policies, like an indexed universal life insurance policy, but we don’t. The reason why we always talk and teach about whole life insurance policies is because we work with them, and we spend years and years learning and implementing our knowledge.

    Moreover, when we were in a position to decide which life insurance policy to get, we chose a whole life policy because it gave us peace of mind by granting conditions (like a death benefit, insurance premiums, interest rates, and cash value).

    We don’t want to gamble with our money. With a whole life insurance policy, we have no risk, and at any moment we know what is happening with our money because only we have control over it.

    1. From which life insurance company should I get my whole life policy?

    It will depend on where you live. But the only thing you should keep in mind is to get your whole life insurance policy from one of the mutual insurance companies.


    A mutual insurance company is an insurer that is owned and controlled by its members. It means you’ll get dividend payments every year. This sum isn’t guaranteed, but if you choose a reliable life insurance company, that amount will be significant.

    And here is some good news: you can start working with us! When you become our client, our concierge team will design a policy to fit your specific goals.

    1. Why can’t I build wealth with regular banks?

    The basic premise of money is that it is either making money or losing money.

    When you put your money into banks, for you, that money is only sitting there. It means the sum you put in grows at a certain interest rate, but only if you don’t use it. If you need your money for something, you can access it (under some conditions), but you will disrupt its growth.

    On the other hand, while your money is sitting in your bank account, the banks use it to lend to others and earn interest rates. In other words, your money is helping banks make more money.

    So, you can’t build wealth with regular banks because they are doing it instead of you.

    But, with infinite banking, we can flip our own money the same way banks would be doing it.