Wealth Nation was founded because of our passion to share the financial knowledge we learn through our entrepreneurial journey. We found our purpose in teaching people how to build wealth and create a legacy for their own families. But, it didn’t start out this way…


We followed the traditional “society standards.” We went to college to get an education.  Climbed the corporate ladder, maintained good credit and invested in retirement accounts/stocks to “get ahead.” Although we brought home six figures in income, we never felt satisfied with our financial state, so we started a side hustle investing in real estate.  In 2015, we quickly grew a successful real estate investment business buying distressed properties and flipping them for a profit.

We learned about creative financing opportunities through our investors and how the wealthy transact business. This opened our minds to another world, all the while wondering why others weren’t aware of this vitally important information.

After gaining extensive knowledge from our wealthy investors, we discovered that the rules that apply to the middle class, don’t apply to the upper class.  We decided to create a community to share our knowledge. 

We want to build an environment where clients don’t have to work harder or get involved in risky investments to improve their financial lifestyle.  We also want to provide supplemental education, exchange best practices and create investment opportunities. Thus, Wealth Nation was born.

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