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Infinite Banking To Build Independent Wealth And Security As Seen On:


Cutting up every credit card you own because everything you want and need is funded with the balance of your own, independent banking system.

That’s what happened to us!

Up to your eyeballs in debt? Been there, $120k in the red. Have no idea where your money goes or how to finally get ahead? Been there, drowning and desperate, too.

After years of that, and then getting completely sidelined by a sudden layoff, we had no choice but to take action and figure out how to not just significantly increase our income…

… but do it in a way that let us own our own lifestyles – instead of borrowing them from our employers or the bank – so that everything we worked so hard for could never be taken away in an instant again.

Today we know what it takes to create and launch a completely independent financial system that will create REAL freedom, security, and wealth.

(No matter what’s going on in the world or the economy.)


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Have you been “thinking about”, “researching”, or “planning” to start investing, taking your financials more seriously, or putting away for your future for years…

… but always end up sidetracked by “things” coming up?

We’ve been there. And we can safely say… once we realized ONE critical truth about financial independence, everything changed. So what was it?

Financial independence is not hard, mysterious, or unrealistic: it’s math.

Money in versus money out. It’s that simple.

The real secret is how to make, keep, and multiply the money that comes in as efficiently and securely as possible.

That’s how we went from $120,000 in debt, to 100% debt-free, to financially free, to completely owning our own lifestyles (without having to become millionaires to do it!).


We’ll debunk everything you’ve been taught about money (since almost ALL of it is wrong)


Discover the real rules of the money game that only banks and the wealthy elite know


Learn the simple process for creating an independent bank account that actually sets you free


What are our clients saying

“Carmen & Darius have made a tremendous impact on helping me to get started with infinite banking and implement it effectively. I have now started a family bank where family and close friends are borrowing funds frequently. I strongly recommend listening to them, they are great genuine people who you want in your circle. Thank you Carmen and Darius for EVERYTHING!”


Daniel - AZ

“With my policy, I was able to do EXACTLY what thin e banks do. I paid off my car and the $400 I was paying every month on my car now goes to MY Bank. I have more flexibility and profitability.

Carmen and Darius have taught me that every dollar counts. More importantly, banks do not have to control you!”


Sigismond - DC

Meet Your Financial and Lifestyle Freedom Coaches

Darius & Carmen

Hi! We’re Darius and Carmen Britt, and we founded Wealth Nation to help entrepreneurial and ambitious individuals feeling frustrated and trapped by their finances discover the real rules of the money game, break free with true financial independence, and own their own lifestyles.

We’re also the creators of Currency Nation, the only 6-hour crash course intensive that helps people create and maintain an independent banking system that generates true, independent wealth.

We’ve been helping people build real independent wealth and freedom for over 5 years now, and have already generated over $75 million for our clients with a financial system we call Infinite Possibilities.


Fact 1
Generated over $75 Million in wealth for our clients - without traditional, risky, and slow investments
Fact 2
Consulted over 300 financial advisors to build value and independent wealth for their clients
Fact 3
Created a successful mastermind for likeminded financial enthusiasts to share the secrets we discovered

After following all the “traditional” and “safe” methods society gives us to get ahead – and then losing everything overnight back in 2014 – we were able to become truly financially independent and take ownership of our own lifestyles. How?

With the same, little-known system banks and wealthy families use to create, maintain, and protect their wealth:

Infinite Possibilities.

Turns out, the upper class really is playing by a different set of rules when it comes to money-making, managing, and multiplying.

We discovered these hidden rules directly from wealthy private investors using “creative financing” for our successful real estate “flipping” business back in 2015.

Once we figured out how they were doing it – and saw the results of their system first-hand in our own lives – we knew we needed to share this vitally important information with everyone and anyone looking to break free and become truly independent…

… and Wealth Nation was born.


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