Enjoy the Peace of Mind That Comes from Steady, Predictable Growth, Year in and Year Out

Building wealth is great, but what about right now? Right now, you need cash flow. You can create a secure cash flow that will provide income for life, as well as a legacy for the future. With Infinite Banking, you’ll earn a consistent, guaranteed return no matter what the market is doing.


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We design your policies so that you can have cash in hand within 10 business days of the premium payment

When you borrow from your dividend-paying whole-life insurance policy to purchase revenue-generating assets, you are still earning guaranteed 4½%-plus dividends on the entire policy. The interest and dividends are designed to automatically convert to cash you can utilize in your banking system.

This is your alternative to letting your money sit inside a 401(k) or IRA and using a bank for your major life purchases. We teach you how to strategically create your own banking system for retirement or to finance your lifestyle. Your money continues to grow even when you use it.

Generate Reliable Income for Life While Creating a Legacy for the Future

How Infinite Banking can help you generate cash flow:


  • Freedom to pursue life goals. Buy the things you actually want, not just what you can afford, once you understand how money truly works.
  • A financially predictable future. Becoming your own bank means that you will always know your return on investments.
  • Keep the money for yourself. Obtain a guaranteed return on your money without making risky returns.